Lifeskills Workshops™

Design & Create Your Own Weekly Calendar | taught by TMCI Admissions

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Course Curriculum

Lifeskills Workshops™
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Lifeskills Workshops™ Course Work
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The Lifeskills Workshops™ Resource Directory
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A Year in Review
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Course description

This course is part of the TMCI Licensee Director Manual

Lifeskills Workshopsare designed to provide a forum for the teen mothers to interact with one another, receive practical information for their lives and allow members of the Body of Christ to share their expertise to benefit these women and their children. The four (4) main points of the Lifeskills WorkshopsCourse are:

  • Differences Between Lifeskills Workshopsand Other Parenting Curriculum
  • Preparing Lifeskills Workshops™ Calendar
  • Connecting with Your Lifeskills Workshops™ Speakers
  • Incorporating Meals into Lifeskills Workshops™

At the end of this course, you will find the Lifeskills Workshops™ Resource Directory. This directory provides you with a hundred (100) Lifeskills Workshop™ ideas; twenty (20) topics for each of The Five Life Roles of a Teen Mother™!

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TMCI Admissions

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