Feasibility Study

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Course Curriculum

Services: Exploring The Needs of Teen Mothers and Your Community
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Costs: Determining the Funds Necessary to Implement a Program to Teen Mothers
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Costs - Worksheets For Your Use
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Volunteers: Identifying the Potential Ministry Partners within your Community
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Volunteers - Worksheets For Your Use
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Course description

This is a "fact finding" tool that guides you into creating the most effective program to reach and serve the teen mothers in your community. There are three (3) sections to The Feasibility Study:

  • Services
  • Cost
  • Volunteers

Each portion of the study is self-directed and requires a significant amount of time to complete. Within the Feasibility Study, you will be expected to conduct interviews with teen mothers and organizations, collect research regarding the cost of services and availability of volunteers and report your findings to your Development Coach. The Feasibility Study takes approximately 3 - 6 months to complete.

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